Thursday, June 11, 2009


So last Sunday was a pretty bad church-going experience for our family. Both of the boys were just kind of out of control. They're always pretty bad - but this was worse than usual. Naomi actually sat in the chapel by herself for most of it while Richard and I took a "divide and conquer" stance with the boys.

At one point, after taking Asher out, sitting with him in a classroom until he calmed down, making him recite our 3 rules for Sacrament meeting, and getting a drink, we had to wait a minute to go back into the chapel because someone was in the middle of their talk. We sat in the foyer in a chair next to a woman who was not in our Ward. I assumed she was from the Singles Ward who's meetings overlap with ours.

She started flirting with Asher a little bit and asking me how old he was, etc. It came out that she was a part-time college student who makes money on the side by babysitting. I said "I've been looking for somebody to help me out a little this Summer - just a couple hours a couple of days a week". She said "I've been looking for a job just like that!"

And that, my friends, is serendipity. A fortunate discovery by accident.

Today was Alex's first day. I think she played every game we own with the kids in the 2 hours she was here. And while she played with them, she helped them clean up after themselves. And while they did that, I cleaned the house, grocery shopped (alone!!), and heaved huge happy sighs of contentment. ... I feel another one coming on right now just thinking about it.

Thank you, Serendipity!

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angela michelle said...

what a perfect coincidence--or "tender mercy" :) so glad to hear it went well!