Monday, June 8, 2009

What They're Up To

I enjoyed my sister's post on what each of her kids is up to so much that I decided to copy her idea.

Now that Naomi is done with Preschool, she's ready to ride the bus. She's so excited about it that she's loosing sleep over it already. Too bad that she has to wait three months still for school to start. The other night she came down after she'd been put to bed already and said, "Mom, since I'm so excited about riding the school bus, shouldn't we just go ahead and do it tomorrow?"

Her excitement for the school bus is only surpassed by her excitement for ballet class. Fortunately, she only has to wait a couple more weeks before her ballet class starts. She is already prancing around in full Ballerina paraphernalia 24/7 just to be sure she's ready.

She still draws all the time and happily spend 2 hours every afternoon in her bedroom alone doing so. She even goes up there in the mornings sometimes because she'd rather draw than watch TV. She and I are working on writing and illustrating a book which I will then use MyPublisher or something to turn into a real book. It's a deep and compelling story about a Princess, a Soldier, and a ball -which costs a quarter to get into. I can't wait to show it to you.

Asher is talking up a storm. And he has some great, entertaining things to say. Just 10 minutes ago he said to me "Mom. I decided that I saw a garbage truck." No, there was no garbage truck in sight. I think he was just experimenting with the word "decided".

He also recently started telling stories. His stories usually go something like this, "Once, there was a airplane. And it was flying. And it CRASHED! And that's the end." Sometimes it's a car, but it's basically the same each time. But it's so cute to see his little brain making up these stories.

Asher is so happy to spend time in the backyard. He could literally spend all day out there by himself and be a happy boy (as long as I brought him snacks occasionally). Some days he prefers the sandbox, some days the swing. But either way, he's a very content boy. Which is wonderful for me to see, because "content" is not something I see on him very often.

Isaiah has a 5 word vocabulary. Mama, Da Da, uh uh (as in "no"), uh huh (as in "yes"), and most recently added uh oh. He has an appointment with a Speech Therapist and Child Development Specialist next week, but I'm pretty confident they're just going to confirm that he's a genius who just doesn't feel the need to speak yet.

Isaiah builds amazing block towers. He completely understands all the stuff we talk about. And he manages to get his point across pretty clearly even with a limited vocabulary. He loves to watch the other kids play but is more happy to be at Mommy's feet. Isaiah is also a big fan of snack time. He likes a nice mix of Goldfish, stick pretzels, and fruit snacks - which is a quite a feat since I refuse to give multiple things for the same "snack time". ...But somehow he always manages to get all of what he wants. See what I mean about his getting his point across clearly?


angela michelle said...

cute! Naomi sounds like a real budding author. I'm so happy to hear that Asher is happy outside. It sounds like Isaiah is progressing--my impression is that a few weeks ago he didn't make any sounds at all except uhhh--so I'm sure he's just a late bloomer with too many deep thoughts distracting him from speaking.

Rebecca said...

what cute kids, that's adorable that Naomi is so excited for school! I loved riding the bus too, so I can understand.