Monday, June 29, 2009

A Ballerina is Born

Today was Naomi's first day in ballet class. She has been so exited about this. It's a miracle that she slept at all last night.
There were only two other girls in her class today. It's a 3-5 year old class, and Naomi was clearly the oldest.
Her face, throughout the entire hour long class, said it all. She was born to be here. She has just been waiting for this moment. Finally, I put her where she belongs!
She plied, sashaed, and learned "first position". She dressed up like a Princess, wore a tiara, and pretended to ride pink pony's. And she smiled through the whole thing. A sweet, totally content, nothing-could-be-better kind of smile.
This girl was born to be a ballerina.
Here's a little video of her showing off some things she learned in her first class.


Spencer and Kami said...

GREAT pictures :) She makes a beautiful little ballerina!! She really does look totally content!!

erica said...

very sweet. she looks really tall in the ballet clothes. and I still read your blog and facebook!!

Wendy said...


Ruthie said...

What a perfect ballerina she is! I absolutely love the pictures!