Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Update: With Nancy Worth!

5 points to you if you got the SNL reference there.

This weekend we got Naomi a new bike! She was sorely in need since the old bike she had been using only responding to her pushing on the pedals about half the time. It was frustrating for her and she could hardly make it around the cul de sac, let alone with any sort of speed. We figured it was about time for her to take the training wheels off, but there's no way she was gonna be able to do it on the old bike.

Now the only problem is that she isn't use to a bike that lets her go fast! She rides around in a somewhat kamikaze style. She never had to use the brakes before since the old bike never went fast enough to need them. But I'm sure she'll get the hang of it soon. ... At least I hope so. For all of our sakes!

**Poor deprived girl. We wouldn't let her get a pink bike since this bike will need to be passed down to her brothers soon enough. Note the purple streamers that the nice bike-store guy put on there for her to help her feel a little more girly. And a new, matching, purple helmet.**

Below is Asher on the "old bike". Note his frustrated face - because this bike really should just be put in the trash but ... it just seems like a waste.

And here is Isaiah on the good ol' Radio Flyer trike.
I guess this wasn't really this weekend, but...
I took Isaiah in for his assessment with the Speech and Developmental specialists this morning. They declared him the cutest, sweetest, and non-developmentally delayed, boy ever. He performed beautifully and had them wrapped around his tiny, chubby fingers. He sat nicely in his chair, answered their questions with points and grunts, followed directions... all they could want. ...Except for talk. It was declared that he is certainly not at all developmentally delayed, but that his speech is definitely delayed for whatever reason. So now there are several more hoops to jump through before the actual "speech therapy" starts. They told me that he probably wouldn't actually make it into a therapy session until October because of all the things that have to happen first! Sheesh! But it's a County/State program, so it's free.
I feel good about how the appointment went. I'm relieved that they saw what a smart boy he is and that they didn't bug me about the "second language" that is spoken in our home (Richard speaks Portuguese to them for like maybe 1 minute of each day total). I'll go ahead and jump through their hoops because I want Isaiah to have a good, firm start to his education. They have these programs for a reason!
I'm Nancy Worth. Goodnight!
(Again. The SNL reference.)

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Rebecca said...

Cute bikes! I bought my son a tricycle, but he's still just a little too short.