Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wet N Wild ... at church?

Yep. For real. Wet and wild at church. Or at least, in the parking lot. Our Ward has a tradition of doing this every year. Bounce houses, water, water guns, water slides, a picnic, etc. It's always a blast. We got there early enough this year that our little kids could get some big-kid-free time in one of the bounce houses, which was great.

The highlight for Isaiah was these cute dogs.
Here he and I are sitting at the bottom of the big slide in one bounce house.
Here's Isaiah and his buddy, James, climbing up the slide. I think it was easy for them because they were so light - but it really was VERY slippery!
Naomi is so cute.

Here's Richard going down the big slide with all the kids. We all had a blast.
Asher had a tendency to take out several kids every time he slid down.

Daddy and Isaiah go down while Asher goes up.
And then free lunch. What could be better?

It wasn't the warmest day - but at least it's a change from the past week of rain that we've had. A great way to spend a Saturday.
Tonight Richard and I are going out to see the newest X-Men movie. The kids are as excited about having this particular babysitter as we are about our date. They really love her - because she loves them back!


angela michelle said...

i feel the same way about the qualifications for a good babysitter--and a good teacher.

what a fun ward activity! we do something similar each year for a Primary quarterly activity in july.

Wendy said...

hope the movie was fun!