Monday, June 1, 2009

The View From the Trenches

My MIL loaned me a book (A Mother's Book of Secrets) that had me crying in my Cheerios this morning. The author was talking about how sometimes you are so deep in the trenches of Mommy-hood that you can't see out the sides because it's too deep, and you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel either. I think every Mother can understand that. Lately, I feel like I've been in a fog of "me, me, me". I had some "me time" scheduled (my trip to Utah) and then I had to take more to recover from my D&C. Now it's time to return to my Mommy trench. But I also think I need to peek out of this trench, reassess my location, and start heading toward the destination again. In the meantime, there's some things that you reader's missed while I was too deep into myself and my woes.

The kids have discovered the fun of wrestling. I know... it was inevitable. I'm really just relieved that Isaiah is old enough to join in the fun without feeling he's being attacked (too much).

Richard took the kids to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum last week (one of the days that I was recovering). Some cute pics from that:

On Memorial Day, we wanted to play in our new pool. But it was only like 75. So we hooked the hose up to the kitchen sink, ran it out the window, and filled up the pool with warm water. The kids and Richard had a great time while I supervised. This year's pool is pretty groovy. It has a deeper end, then a slide into a shallow end. It's a hit!

(I guess I have these sets of pictures out of order, because you can tell the boy's got haircuts inbetween the pool day and the Air & Space Museum day. Oh well.)

I love being a Mother. And I'm usually pretty happy to just stay in the trench, keep my head down, and carry on. But I guess a location-check is always a good thing. To keep us on track toward Happy-Healthy-Older-Children-ville.


angela michelle said...

I got that book from my MIL for mother's day and have really enjoyed it. I remember that Mom was always a big fan of the Eyres. It makes me feel like should dig out some of their old books.

I agree that sometimes you have to look around and reassess. You're kind of in a regrouping stage right now. Welcome back to the trenches!

Vickie said...

I just read a bit more of your blog and you just recently had the miscarriage. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry!

Your children look beautiful. That pool is so cool! My kids would love it!

Take Care

ps. Go Team Lime

Jolie said...

Your post makes me think of the scripture about opposites...we have to know the pain to know the joy. I can relate to your feelings. You are at at one of the hardest times in motherhood...3 little ones. It will get better. Take each day at a time and rejoice in the moments of peace, smiles, and victories. AND don't forget to laugh at life...believe really helps! Love You!