Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Curse of the Trains

{insert musical "dunh dunh duuuunnnhh!" here}

When my Mom was in town last month we wanted to go see a model train display at Union Station. But instead we drove around D.C. for two hours because we could never find the parking garage.

So today we decided to give it another shot at a closer location that we knew we could get to - with free abundant parking. So we got the kids all excited about it and headed off. ... But we only brought a credit card and they only took cash. Doh!!! Foiled again!!!

Luckily, next door was an indoor carnival! And they happily took our credit card. (Not so lucky was the cost of the carnival - an arm and a leg plus half your spleen. But what could we do at that point?) The kids bounced in bounce houses, did science experiments, watched ballerinas, ate candy, rode rides, etc. All inside - because it was like friggin 20 degrees outside with 40 mph winds!

It was a good compromise and a fun Saturday, but I still really want to take those boys to see some model trains! What's a girl gotta do?

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chelsea said...

come to Pittsburgh! There's the best model train down at the science center. next time you guys come we'll go down. Admission is expensive though like $10 for kids and $15 for adults. so we'll save our pennies and it's a date!