Monday, January 4, 2010

Out of the Office

I'm sorry, Nancy is out of the office right now. She is in Oregon or Colorado visiting girlfriends. She isn't taking any complaints for the entire week. No snot will reside on her shoulder. She will only be wiping her own mouth anything else.

If you have any whining, complaints, requests, etc you will have to deal with them yourself or wait until she returns next Monday. (No guarantees that she'll do anything about it then, either, but she won't even be processing Whine Applications until her return).

In other words:
See ya!!


erica said...

Yeah! I get to be one of the "girlfriends"!!

angela michelle said...

So I think Richard should take over and write about his take on what goes on at home. Richard? Are you there?

Jolie said...

good for you! Enjoy your vacation! I agree, let's hear Richard's side of the story :-)