Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Skill

I have been such having a blast lately figuring out embroidery. I don't recall ever before sitting down to learn a variety of stitches (although I'm sure my mother tried to teach me at some point). So I did what every self-respecting Worth does - I went out, bought a book, and taught myself. I have learned a whopping 3 stitches so far. My favorite is the wrapped backstitch (because it seems very forgiving of my messy,uneven stitches). I think I'm enjoying it so much because it's seems to be a great way to perk up these drab Winter days.

This is the second set of burp clothes that I've done. These ones are for Richard's baby sister, Karen (shh, don't tell Karen!), who is about to have her first baby. I love baby presents with the child's name on them because they're perfect for keeping as heirlooms. (Which sounds very snotty, like I deem these heirloom-worthy, but really it's just that I appreciate gifts like that, so I enjoy giving them and thinking that the receiver will enjoy them the way that I would.)

Don't look too closely at my amateur stitches, but I'm very happy with how these turned out! (My secret weapon is a fabric pen with disappearing ink which makes it so that I can write on the cloth and embroider right over it, but then any visible trace of the ink disappears within 72 hours.)

Side note: I am totally inspired by this blog. I think my next project may be a little stitched house that looks like ours.


angela michelle said...

the disappearing ink pen is genius! plus then you're motivated to get it done within 72 hours. :)
i think i've told you my favorite new baby gift: a onesie labeled "new."

erica said...

way to find a way out of the winter doldrums. maybe that's why Alice got her room super decorated. I'm in my own 'winter doldrums.'

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Crystal said...

Wow, your doing a great job on learning these stitches. I think your project turned out wonderful. I could see these being heirlooms.

Have a blessed day!

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