Saturday, January 16, 2010

My week

Pretty much immediately upon my arrival home from my trip, Richard took off for a conference. The conference happens to be near our house, so technically he's been sleeping at home all week - but I still have hardly seen him. He comes home long after I'm asleep and leaves within 30 minutes of us all waking up. At several points in the week our house was a kind of "home base" for other people who are working on/attending this same conference. The video below is what my house looked like all day on Wednesday (and yes, that's a genuine green screen you'll see). The link below that is to a blog post from one of these techies that will give you a picture of my house on Friday night.

Click here for Ralph Whitbeck's blog post showing the activities in my house last night.

There will be a couple more guys hanging out and sleeping at our house tonight. Nothing personal to them, they're really all very nice and well mannered, but I'm thinking it might be an excellent night to go see a chick flick by myself.


erica said...

you're a good woman Nancy! I'm sorry I missed your call last night - when I got the message, I thought it may be too late to call back. looks like your house has been renovated into a second office. good luck!! I wish you could just bring the family over for a fun night in!

Anonymous said...

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