Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OR and CO trip

I'm officially back from my week-long trip ... Physically if not mentally. I have never had such a hard time coming back home. I love home and all the people in it, but my personal space bubble had expanded to a size larger than toddlers permit. I was use to people talking to me with respect and being polite. Home was a harsh reality. But don't worry, after just one day my personal space bubble is back to non-existent. There are goobers on my shoulders again. Life is back to normal.

But let's do a little flashback and show you some more of my trip.
I did NOT take enough pictures in Oregon! You already saw the pictures of Stacy and I at the falls, here's one of my with my nephews Scott and Andrew. Andrew made me feel especially loved when he cried to his Mom, "You're hogging Aunt Nancy!" It was so fun to get to be the fun Aunt instead of the cousin's Mom.
Also in Oregon, I was introduced to Zuumba by Stacy, who is an instructor. Ate so much food that I was still full when I woke up the next morning. And shopped 'til I dropped with Stephanie as my person shopper.

Then it was on to Denver to meet up with my college roomies, Amanda, Shanae, and Erica. Here's Amanda with her sweet baby Kyra.

We ate out and enjoyed being served instead of doing the serving. And, yes, we talked about our kids for a good portion of the time. We ARE still Mom's! Below are Erica and Shanae.
It was our tradition to drink A&W and eat peanut butter M&M's. We use to have to pool our money to buy one bag of M&M's.
Our tummies have apparently matured a bit, and could barely handle the combo of root beer and candy.
Erica is learning a new hobby. Photography.
Below is all four of us at the fanciest hotel I've ever been in: The Brown Palace. We felt very pampered and loved that people were eager to jump to our assistance whenever asked.
Amanda and I at a 50's diner.
Who knew that Indian Poker could be this much fun? We were totally dieing in fits of giggles by this point in the evening.
And to top it off we bought a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and took turns reading it. It was hysterical ... and gory! But nobody can beat Shanae's English accent.... Except maybe an actual Englishmen.
These are memories that will get me through many a tough day of parenthood. It was just so, so, SO much fun!

And the kids and Richard were even still alive when I got back!


Anonymous said...

I inclination not acquiesce in on it. I regard as nice post. Particularly the title attracted me to read the unscathed story.

erica said...

I kept telling Rich how nice it was for someone to jump at MY call, and even more, how nice it is to be really listened to and appreciated. thanks for planning so much of a great weekend!

Elieson Family said...

Awesome. So glad you had a great time! Can't wait to see you - and you liked the P&P&Zombies? Laila didn't care for it.

Jolie said...

bummer, I would have come down to hang with you, Steph, and Stacy. Sounds like you had a great getaway!!