Thursday, January 21, 2010

Naomi's Slow Leap

Naomi can read. She just doesn't know she can read. She refuses to admit it. She's so held up by the fact that she has to take her time and concentrate that she can't see that she just finished an entire book. I am anxious for her to figure it out (figure out that she's already figured it out, that is) because I just know she'll be so happy to sit and read for hours.

So, that's why I'm calling this her slow leap. Here's a little video of her reading. You don't have to watch it - I won't be offended - but I had to put it up for posterity... and cuteness.


angela michelle said...

cute! she's doing great!

don't you have such a hard time sitting still while they struggle with each little word? I've learned i enjoy it more if i have some mindless handiwork to do while i listen.

and for more unsolicited advice: i bet your library has a little section of little readers in levelled series, so each book is on her level, and each one introduces a few new words and gets just a little harder. ours are little paperback pamphlets.

erica said...

and she doesn't realize she's really reading, because - WOW. Go Naomi.

erica said...

and that's the first time I've heard her little girl voice. very melodic and sweet.

Spencer and Kami said...

Yay Naomi!! She is doing a fabulous job! I loved the video!

Elieson Family said...

Yes, definitely for cuteness. What a trooper! She is doing VERY well! Ben still doesn't like reading, because he doesn't catch it as quickly as Salem does, but getting books that have blood in the pictures (I know... go ahead and laugh) actually keeps him interested to find out what the text says.