Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check Up

I went back out into the wild world today for the first time in weeks. I had a check up with my Dr and an appointment with the Neonatologist. My doctor gave me that shot that helps the baby's lungs develop a little earlier than usual - just in case Baby Sammy makes his appearance on this Earth a little too early. Then we went over to the Neonatologist's. There they did another ultrasound and we learned that my cervix is nearly as thick as a normal one! Thicker than it was when I left the hospital!

Clearly what we're doing is working! In addition to surgery, a great doctor and strict bedrest, the prayers and faith of many have brought about this true miracle.

It's so nice to be able to mentally relax a little bit. I've been feeling guilty every time I stand up or move abruptly. I haven't so much as sneezed without wondering if I've just done some damage to my baby and his safe womb. I haven't showered without wondering if I could have done it faster and therefore been better for the baby. Relaxing a little bit really does feel nice.

So did leaving the house!

Keep up those prayers, please.

We hired a nanny who will start this Monday. She's a family member of someone we know from church. She has a ton of nanny/au pair experience. We are excited that next week will bring a little more regularity to the kids schedule, and a little less depending on the kindness of our sweet friends. I know they're more than happy to help, but it's gonna take me years to pay all this service back into the universe.

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erica said...

wheew. I'm glad you get to mentally relax a bit. That and the nanny are going to make things, hopefully, a happier world for you.