Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Isaiah's End of School Speech Update

I realize I haven't said much about how Isaiah is doing, speech-wise, lately. He is making awesome leaps and bounds forward! His speech therapy ended a couple of weeks ago and he won't be doing any of that during the summer. But he seems to be still soaking up language all on his own. The other day he said "Asher"! We haven't even been working on that one because the speech therapist told us it was basically impossible for him at this point. Isaiah has just been calling Asher "Ah". But, to my amazement, he just casually threw an "Asher" (well, really an "Ashew" but close enough!) into conversation the other day. And today he said "fish"! He has figured out and mastered the "sh" sound all by himself! And he often self-corrects. He'll say "I wah da." and then immediately pause and repeat "I wanT daT" just like his speech therapist would have made him do it.

Sometimes he is still totally incomprehensible, but usually only when he's in a rush or super excited about something. And he certainly isn't caught up with kids his age yet. But he has shown such strength and eagerness to learn and do it correctly that I really have every hope that he will have caught up with his peers before they can stick him with some awful nickname or stereotype.

What a blessing that this has turned out so well so far. ...Man. Our family really is blessed. Repeatedly.

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erica said...

wow. he sure has self discipline to correct himself. that's amazing. YEAH Isaiah!