Friday, June 25, 2010

Kids Day 2010

This year our Kids Day was a little different. With me pretty much out of the picture and Richard trying so hard to work full time and be Dad full time, there just wasn't much time for pampering the kids. Sure we gave the nanny a "Give the kids whatever they want" kind of speech, but that's just not the same. In the end, I think the kids felt loved, but maybe not quite as much as previous Kids Days.

Pretty much all I can do for the kids these days is give out plenty of cuddles. So we did a lot of that.

And Daddy bought the kids new pool toys. Nanny Amy played with the kids in the backyard.
Grandma Worth even stopped by (to clean the house - happy Kids Day to me!).
A friend dropped off this great big fruit platter for us and we let the kids have free reign of it with a side of Grandma-made banana bread.
And of course there was crazy dancing to loud music - a family favorite.
Later in the evening, Daddy took the kids to the mall for a ride on the carousel. I sent the camera with him with strict instructions to at least take one picture of each kid. ...But the camera stayed in the car instead of going into the mall. But, you know, taking three kids into a mall to ride a carousel is a tricky thing for a Dad to handle on his own at the end of a long day. So we'll cut him some slack this time.

Besides, in the end there were happy children. And that's what Kid's Day is really all about.

(As usual, I realize that there are very few pictures of Asher. He is just really not into the whole "stand still and say cheese" thing.)

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