Monday, June 7, 2010

Slow Weekend

A slow weekend was just what these kids needed. After three weeks of being carted off to this or that house to do this or that every day, they were ready for some good old fashioned stayin' home. Richard went to a short conference out of town and my sister Ruth came over to help with me and the kids. It was a much needed break for Richard, and fun for the kids and I. Aunt Ruth is always a treat!

Here are Naomi and Isaiah playing a computer game after a long Sunday nap.
And everybody got in on a rousing game of Guess Who with Aunt Ruth.
With plenty of time left over for cuddles and snuggles galore.
These poor children really do need some stability in their lives. They are all crabby and whiny and confused. They're explosive! Our sweet Isaiah throws colossal tantrums multiple times a day. They all just want their lives back. ...And I can SO relate.


angela michelle said...

Thank you Aunt Ruthie!! So Nanc, you must be on the playroom couch now? Good luck getting the kids back into a routine this week. Can't wait to hear how it's going.

恭嘉恭嘉 said...