Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No New Is Good News

When I have no news, that's good news, right? Hence my absence in blogging. Here's some catch-up:

I made it to my third trimester! Samuel is now at 27 weeks. According to one website I was reading, he now has an 85% chance of survival where he to be born right now. While those odds are still not "good enough", they are a huge relief. I have another check up at the doctor Thursday and I fully expect nothing but clear skies to continue. Wa-hoo!

Naomi is all done with school. My big girl is no longer a kindergartner. Summer has kicked itself off here with mid-90's sunshiney days, so we got out the inflatable backyard pool. Amy, the nanny, has had the kids out there the last two days for hours.

Speaking of the nanny, Amy - she is great. We are loving her and feel oh so blessed to have found her. She is great with the kids and handles most situations just the way I would. Naomi and Asher warmed right up to her. Isaiah is still working on it, but at least he doesn't scream when she so much as speaks to him anymore.

My sister-in-law, and great friend, Stacy, came to spend last week with us. The plan was for her to help me with implementing systems, but she ended up spending much of her time helping with the kids. Each of the kids took turns having a quick-but-ugly stomach bug last week and we didn't feel like we could have Amy over (she brings her 8 month old son with her each day) while they were sick. Stacy was a lifesaver. For the kids, for the house, and for me. I just love having her around. Plus, she did get a TON done for me. She helped me unbury the end of the counter (paper, paper, paper) and my desk, made 9 freezer meals, cooked most of Father's Day dinner, let Richard go see two movies and go out to dinner with his brother on Saturday, cleaned the house, did the dishes, cooked delicious meals for the family, played happily with the kids, took Naomi to get a haircut, painted a cabinet that I had half painted in my bathroom makeover from months ago, and cheered my soul immensely. She is a superwoman in every sense of the word. Naomi and Asher sobbed for half an hour when she left. And I kinda felt like joining them.

I snuck out of the house and went to my book club last week. It was so great to be out that I stayed out until after 10! I'm such a rebel.

Stay tuned for more exciting drama from what has got to be the most boring part of my life!

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