Tuesday, December 18, 2007

12 days of Christmas

This year I found a lot of great little gifts for the kids, mostly in the Target Dollar Spot. Since there were so many, we decided to do the 12 Days of Christmas for Naomi and Asher. We told Naomi that Santa is doing practice runs to our house every day until Christmas to make sure he knows how to get here. Every morning there is something waiting for them in their stockings. So far we've had coloring books, books, a puzzle and necklace, and candy canes. The kids love it, of course, and it's fun for us parents too. We get a little bit of that Christmas morning feeling every morning! As an added bonus, the new toy is a great distraction throughout the day when the kids hit a rut.

Above is the books they got yesterday.

Here are the candy canes from this morning. That's right - we had them right after breakfast. I tried to get them to wait until snack time, but Santa gave them to them in the morning - so they had to be eaten in the morning!

In other news, apparently Isaiah is huge! Look at the below picture to see the comparison of the boys. I know it's probably a funky angle or something - but Isaiah looks practically as big as Asher!

Stop growing, kids! (The one sock on Asher is classic. He always takes one sock off during his afternoon nap. I don't know why - but he ALWAYS does it. It's not even always the same foot!)


Angela said...

What a good idea! $2 a day for happy kids and wintertime distraction? Deal!

Farmer Joe said...

Yeah, Isaiah is HUGE.

Does the term "Little Richard" mean anything to you?