Friday, December 14, 2007

Making things pretty

I like to make plain things pretty. I remember when I was probably in 6th or 7th grade, walking to a craft store in our little town and just looking for something to do. One specific thing I remember buying is a pink, wide rimmed, floppy hat. I also bought some flowers and glued them onto the hat. I wore the hat to church. Multiple times. (What was my mother thinking?) I felt very sophisticated in that hat. I had probably read Anne of Green Gables a few too many times. I also remember buying teddy bears and making clothes for them. Most of my projects didn't turn out anywhere near to what I thought were going to - but it was fun.
Fast forward to today. I still like to make things pretty. I like to take plain things and adorn them in some way. I've turned the floor lamp in Naomi's room into a "chandelier". I made a great Christmas wreath last year. And getting to decorate my house when we moved in was the funnest thing ever.

Tonight is Richard's work Christmas party. I was just planning on wearing the same thing I wore last year since he is at a new company so none of the same people will be there. But yesterday and today I've been having fun playing dress up. You know how it goes girls... my closet is empty because all my clothes are on my bed after being tryed on in varying combinations. I have settled on something that I think is great. I have the perfect jewelry picked out. This morning I researched hair-do's for short hair and I think I can pull off a partial french twist. I even have my makeup planned thanks to Real Simple magazine. Anyway, all this is to tell you that I had to buy some combs today for my French Twist hair-do. But I could only find plain ones. Plain is no good for a fancy party! Fortunately, I can fix plain. So I got out my super glue and some little craft jewels. And here is what I have now.

The top one is a plain one in it's original condition. The bottom one is the one I prettied up.
I am fully aware that no one is going to notice this small adjustment. It may not even really be visible in my hair. But I feel much better about it. I feel fancy. I like feeling fancy. My world is full of blue jeans and long sleeved T's most days. So a little fancy is good.
Tonight, my brothers can call me "Fancy Pants" like they did in my childhood- and they'll be right!

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Kelly said...

Have you been reading the Fancy Nancy books by Jane O'connor? I think they're cute! And I think you're cute!