Saturday, December 8, 2007

For Grandma in Texas

Supposedly, I only made this blog so that I could get pictures of the kids to my Mom easier and faster. I think time has told that I use it for far more than that. But this is one of those posts that resorts to the original reason. While you all may enjoy, these pics are for Grandma.

These first two pics are of the "Christmas dress" Grandma sent to Naomi (I know, it's not at all Christmasey - but it is the perfect Naomi dress. She immediately started twirling and doing ballet.)

These two are of the cape that Grandma sent Naomi for her birthday. She feels just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast when she wears it (Belle sports one in the movie). I think this last photo really shows off Naomi's inner beauty. She is just such a sweet, angelic little girl and you see that in the picture.
Thanks Grandma, for always sending such great gifts. Naomi loves and misses you.

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Clyde said...

I love her sweet lady-like face. Don't you love this girlie phase, when there are more sighs and uhhh and ahhh than any other age.

Viva for precious little girls!