Thursday, December 6, 2007

First Snow

I think this is a pretty typical blog post these days. Winter has arrived, in weather if not technically, so here are the "first snow" pictures. This is Asher and Isaiah's first time ever playing outside in the snow. Last year Asher was a baby so Daddy and Naomi went out to play several times while pregnant me and Asher stayed inside. But this year Naomi was NOT willing to wait until Dad got home from work to play in the snow. So we all bundled up and went out to play. Asher thought it was pretty cool (wah-wah, I'm so funny). Isaiah was not all that pleased with the situation. I guess that's understandable since all he did was sit in the stroller in a snowsuit and under two blankets. Anyway - here are the cute pics.

Asher loves his "doggie hat" so much that he slept with it several times since we got it.

Poor Isaiah was so exhausted by his hard day of sitting in the stroller that he fell asleep in his snowsuit in the time that it took me to get coats, etc. off the older kids and I.

In other news, I guess I have a confession to make. My "week of want" didn't turn out quite as I thought. I gave in last night and had Richard pick up milk, bread and butter. Just the basics - but I feel bad for not making it. We have had some good meals this week. We even discovered that Naomi really likes tomato soup, which I never would have guessed (letting her "go fishing" for Goldfish crackers in her soup helped). Other meals were "pantry soup" (canned chicken, rice, broth, pinto beans, and corn) and blueberry muffins. Tonight we'll have vegetarian pot pies. The muffins were what got me. I had them half way made when it occurred to me that I hadn't made any powdered milk earlier in the day so we would either have no milk with our muffins or else warm milk. And warm powdered milk could be used as some sort of torture device. Also, butter was on strict rations and I like a lot of butter on my muffins. So, I guess muffins wasn't a good choice even though I was rather impressed with myself that I could make them from scratch. Anyway - we're still wanting other things. But we're not wanting quite as badly. Sorry. I am weak.


Angela said...

Have I mentioned how much I adore your children? Richard's grocery store runs sounds pretty basic, so I think you're still on track.

Jessica said...

How did you center those cute pictures of your kids? I thought I would steal the idea and post pictures of my kids on my blog, but it keeps cutting off the right side of the picture. I've tried making it a different shape, but that didn't seem to have worked. Maybe I'm just a little retarded?

Farmer Joe said...

You're gonna smack talk recently mixed powdered milk? What about the floaty powder balls? Ahh....the good ol days.

Ruthie said...

I have a solution to your butter problem! We recently had an enrichment where we learned how to jar butter (REAL butter!) so that it will last outside the refrigerator for 1-2 years, and its not even that hard! You basically just melt down and butter, put it in the jar, and shake it periodically until it stops seperating. Plus, once you open it it doesn't even have to go back in the fridge. Quite the luxury to have if you're living off food storage.