Monday, December 17, 2007

Not good enough

More than a week ago we attempted to take a family picture that was good enough for a Christmas card. None of them were good enough. They're decent - but let's face it... the Christmas card picture gets seriously scrutinized. For some recipients this is the only picture they see of us until next year's card. So it's gotta be good. And for many this will be the first they've seen of Isaiah, because he's new since last year. Anyway - this is why I feel great pressure to have a perfect portrait. We're getting professional portraits done soon (as soon as the huge bruise on Asher's head heals) but we wanted a more casual picture this year.
...I think I ramble too much in these blog posts. ...
The point is, here are the failed pics. Not good enough for a card, but good enough for a blog post.

We were attempting to make a joke by holding the "Peace" sign. I don't think it turned out all that funny.
Also, do you like our crooked star on the tree? It's a mutant tree! Half way up the trunk it splits into two trunks. So we twist-tied the two trunks together, hoping that would help. But it really doesn't. Oh well, it gives it some charm, right?


erica said...

i just love your family and smile with a little giggle every time I see you with your 3 kiddos. and frankly, i'd use them as a card, those pictures are classic!

Angela said...

I think you should choose the craziest picture of all so everyone can love the irony of the Peace sign. (One year we got a Christmas card from friends where one of the kids was picking his nose. But everything else was normal. Did they not notice? Did they not care?)

Nancy Sabina said...

That's kinda what we were thinking - but none of them was quite right. Maybe I'm too picky. I like the middle one the best for that, but Isaiah looks a little retarded and since this is kind of his "announcement" I didn't want to do that.