Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas morning

I WIN!!! I win the prize for being the first looser to post about Christmas morning.

The kids woke up at 7 this morning - just like they always do. I don't think they really understood what was ahead of them, or else they would have been up earlier. Once Asher saw what was waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs it was a little hard to deter him. Here is the scene that met their twinkling little eyes this morning.

Here is how Asher reacted when we told him he had to sit of the stairs for the obligatory picture before he could go play.

Here is Asher's face, seconds later, when he was playing with his new train.

Isaiah's big present was this "Bumbo" seat. I think it may be the greatest thing ever. And so does Isaiah. He's not quite big enough to sit up on his own yet, but in this seat he is the greatest sitter ever. He is also chewing on one of his new blocks.

Naomi loves her new My Little Pony. It changes color when cool or warm.
Here is a horrid shot of me showing off my fancy new boots. Thanks, Mom and Dad! I feel so darn sexy in these boots, it might be a bad thing. (....nope - it's not a bad thing...)

Here, Naomi is playing with her new Princess paraphernalia - including Cinderella's carriage!

And here is my biggest kid of all, Richard, with his new radio-controlled Helicopter.

And just in case you haven't had enough of our bed-head, big-smiles, pajama-clad, Christmas morning - here's a little video.

We had a great Christmas Eve, too. My college-buddy, Shanae, and her cute little family came over to our house. We had a great ham dinner, exchanged presents, acted out the Nativity (complete with a wandering Shepherd (Asher), a grumpy angel (Naomi) and a squirmy baby Jesus (Isaiah)) and played games. It was a great evening.

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Margaret AKA Mom, AKA Grandma said...

What a wonddrous Christmas. Thanks for sharing it with us. I must say it takes me back a lot of years and they were all glorius. Oh the wonder of Children at this time of year. Oh, the wonder of the baby Jesus ans all that goes with it. thanks for sharing your joy and happiness. The video was so cute!