Saturday, December 1, 2007

Decking the halls

This morning we bought the tree, during naptime I put the lights up, during TV time I put up other decorations, and after dinner we decorated the tree. So the halls around here are officially decked. How long they'll stay that way is a whole nother story. Asher did a good job of un-decorating the tree while he was awake. I re-decorated it with unbreakable ornaments at the bottom after he went to bed. I fully expect to wish I had never set up a tree at all after a few days of repeating "Asher, no touch" every other minute. But it's all worth it for the pictures and the memories, right?

Dad was handing the ornaments to the kids. Naomi put the ornaments as high as she could reach so that Asher couldn't get them. Asher looked at the tree for a second then dropped each ornament in a pile on the floor.

But he sure is cute - so I guess all is forgiven.

Here, Isaiah is doing a Superman move. Have you seen that Soulja Boy dance? Maybe he was doing that. He is pretty hip, after all.

Naomi decided that the ornaments should all go on the same branch.

And this is my favorite part of decorating for Christmas. This Nativity was given to me by my Grandma and Grandpa Benac. Not only is it a beautiful set, the memories that accompany it are completely priceless. I'm tearing up just thinking about that Christmas.

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Angela said...

Yep, I have strong feelings about my Grandpa Benac natvity too. So tell me how it goes with Asher and the tree. My current plan is to set up the tree just the week before Christmas to shorten the trauma of toddler + tree.