Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We were just finishing dinner when Ruthie called. She was stranded on the side of the road with a shredded tire at the intersection of two major highways. So off I headed for a little adventure. I know how to change a tire, but I've never been given the opportunity. The car is always on a slope, or wet grass, or full of 5 kids under 5, etc. And in those cases, I just use my handy AAA membership. The ironic part is that on this particular day, Ruthie was headed to our house from her week-long house-sitting job just so that I could go shoe shopping with her and use my AAA membership to get her a discount. Funny, eh?

I told Ruthie to accept any help if it came along and that if she wasn't there when I got there I'd just see her at home. Stupid plan. Because as soon as I got there and saw she wasn't there all I did was worry. What if she'd been confused, told me the wrong street names, and was still waiting for me somewhere else? What if she'd been kidnapped and her car stolen? What if she'd gotten her tire fixed only to break down again somewhere else? I was seriously wishing I had a cell phone. But I don't. So I stopped at a gas station to buy one of those disposable ones. (In TV shows and movies they always get their non-traceable, disposable cell phones at gas stations, don't they?) They didn't have any. So I just drove home hoping that Ruthie would be there already and trying not to worry too much.

She wasn't at home, but she had called. VDOT (Virginia Dept. of Transportation) had come along and changed her tire to her spare and she was now somewhere buying a complete new set of tires. I guess it's in VDOT's best interest to keep traffic flowing - but I was a little bummed that they had stolen my adventure. As weird as it is, I really had been looking forward to an adventure with Ruthie. I had the blog post, including photo, all planned in my head. Those meanies stole my thunder! Translation: My life is way too boring. I was glad my sister was stranded on the side of the road!

It was a fun adventure even without changing the tire, really. I got to just drive for two hours. All by myself. Alone. With no kids. Nobody else was in the car. So I blared music (the soundtrack to Thoroughly Modern Millie and then Josie and the Pussycats - how's that for a little variety?) and enjoyed my alone-time. Ruthie and I didn't make it to the shoe store since she didn't make it to our house until nearly 9. The poor girl had to basically just turn around and head back where she had come from. But I did have an adventure. It was a good night for me - as sick as that is. Everybody needs a little adventure in their life. And in case you couldn't tell from the slightly negative undertone of my last post, I really needed some just then.

Richard had his Dr. appointment yesterday for his herniated disc. They prescribed physical therapy 3 times a week for 4 weeks. His first appointment is tomorrow. We were kind of hoping for some quicker, easier solution - but I guess there isn't one. He did head back to work today for the first time in about a week, but he's still being bothered by it a lot. Poor guy. But he's a good trooper.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow since it's my blogoversary! I'm going to do some fun giveway/contest/something-er-other.


Jessica said...

I am sooo with you! My life is boring too. We all need stuff to happen, in order to write on our blogs right? the most exciting thing that happened here in 2 days was that I went shopping with ALL 3 kids at 7 different stores! I guess that's kind of an adventure :)

angela michelle said...

What?! No disposable cell phone at the gas station?! My faith in Law and Order is totally shattered--as is my devious crime scheme. Dang!

Rebecca said...

Once I got a cell phone, I felt I couldn't live without one.....resist the urge and stay away.....(although, they are soooooo handy, and like I said, I wouldn't know what to do without one.)