Monday, June 30, 2008

a pok a pull da posie

Naomi: Mom? What's a pok a pull da posie?

Mom: Wha.... Ooohhhh. It's "a pocket full or posies". Posies are flowers and their pockets are full of them.

Naomi: Ring around the rosies. A pok a pull of posies. - Is that right?

Mom: No. Not quite. It's "A ... pocket...full...of...posies". Like a pocket on your pants and the pocket is full of a flower called posies.

Naomi: Ring around the rosies. A pok a pull da posie. Asher, Asher. We all fall down! - I like my way better.

Oh well. That's a pretty morbid song when you think about the words anyway.


Jessica said...

we like to insert "ashurst" instead of ashes. Crazy meaning! I never thought to figure out what it meant before

graffiti said...

I like Naomi's way better too. no reason to dwell on death and it's stench...

Anonymous said...

Jessica, that is exactly what we did when we were kids too!