Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fabulous Saturday

We had a fun-filled Saturday. It started off with some action packed grocery shopping. Oh wasn't action packed. For once. Naomi and I went, just the two of us, while the boys napped. It was delightful. Then we all, including Aunt Ruth, went to a water park. Everyone enjoyed that thoroughly. Then naptime for the kids (and some of the adults). Ahhhhh naptime. Next on the agenda was the missionaries coming over for dinner. Ooops - guess we better put the Dining Room back together! (It's all painted but I haven't had a chance to put the curtains back up or the switchplates on, hang stuff on the walls, etc. Oh - and the mural was nixed. We decided it would be too big for such a small room. I ordered a Monet poster instead which I will frame in a nice frame and make look expensive.) So, then the missionaries came over for a super-fancy dinner of do-it-yourself soft tacos. And the second they left Ruth and I ran out the door for some sister bonding at the temple. And to top off a fabulous day, Richard, Ruth and I watched a movie that night. I can't even believe all the stuff we crammed in to that day, really. We couldn't have fit one more thing in I think.

Today was a great day at church (I think I'm still going on my "temple high"). This afternoon my cousin Carl is coming over for a super-fancy dinner of Waffles. With four grown-ups here I am hoping for some fun games tonight post-kid-bedtime.

And then we are looking forward to a fun-filled week. My jewelry making party is on Wednesday, then we have big plans for the 4th. Then before you know it the kids and I will be headed off to Texas for 10 days. Phew. Summer is fun.


Jessica said...

sounds like a busy day. my kids have been begging me to go to a waterpark. I just keep thinking I need more than just myself to make that work!

chelsea said...

so pretty much did you get up at 4 am to fit all that in? what a fun day though!

Rebecca said...

sounds great! Sometimes a Saturday doing "nothing" is nice but a Saturday when you do everything is also so rewarding!