Monday, June 9, 2008

Naomi's New Do

There has been a rash of hair-cutting going on with the little girls Naomi's age at church. Of the 5 or 6 girls her age I think she held out the longest, but she's been wanting a cut for a while. Every time I'm brushing her hair and hit a tangle she makes some comment about how when she has short hair she won't get tangles anymore. I didn't really want to cut it that short - I probably would have just trimmed it an inch or two. But she wanted it short like her friends. So Naomi and Daddy made a trip to get their hairs cut. And now Naomi looks just like Dakota Fanning!
Here's Dakota:
Here's Naomi:
I forgot to snap a "before" shot of Naomi's hair. But here's some pictures from just Friday when Naomi got an "owie" on her foot. She curled up on the couch with her foot safely propped up while I made dinner and then she fell asleep. The first picture is when I first noticed she was asleep and the second one is 10 or so minutes later. You can see how long her hair is - and how cute she is. (There's also a pretty good shot of how long Naomi's hair was in my June 2 Post.)


Jessica said...

Very cute. I love to see the crazy poses that kids can fall asleep in.

Kelly said...

love it, love it, love it!! She definitely seemed to like it too when we saw her!!

angela michelle said...

Very cute--maybe she'll be like her mom and look all the more fab when she has short hair and you can see her cute little face.

That's a pretty hilarious pose--flexible!

Elieson Family said...

I LOVE the photos of her asleep!!! And hey, Salem held out! She and I are going to let it grow for a while.. I like that she wants to do what I'm doing.
Did she have this cut at church? How did I miss it? Wait, I know.. I have my kids to take care of.. Naomi looks absolutely beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks like one of those crazy positions babies are in in sonograms.