Monday, June 23, 2008

The Bug

I've caught it. The bug. The decoarting bug that is. I've invited a bunch of friends over for a "jewelry making party" next week and suddenly I want to re-do my Dining Room. Really, it's just doing my Dining Room - since it's never really been done. When we moved into this house we painted the adjoining Living Room a fabulous, bright, but light yellow. It looks really great and I always get compliments. The room was already very bright and airy because of the natual light that flows in from the wall of windows and vaulted celing with more windows up there, but the yellow enhances that even more. I didn't originally paint the Dining Room too because I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it a different color. But I decided shortly after we moved in that the Dining Room is really the same room as the Living Room and therefore should be the same color scheme with slightly different accent colors.

So I went and bought another can of the same "Full Moon" yellow color today. My plan is to prep it today and paint it tomorrow. It's really a small room (10x12 I believe) with only three walls and one of them is mostly window. So I don't think it'll take much time for the actual painting. BUT's after the painting that I'm gonna get fancy. I plan to do a mural on one wall. I'm thinking a silhouette of a bare tree (no leaves). Maybe with a bird sitting on one branch. I'm not sure that'll happen before next week's party, but I hope it does. Then for the other wall I've been collecting cool mismatched plates to display there. I think I can do this whole "room makeover" for under $100. Wa-who! Project!

Stay tuned for pictures and updates!

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angela michelle said...

Nancy that'll be gorgeous! I love your dining room. You're definitely right that it needs to be the same color as the front room. You're brave to do a mural. How are you going to do it? An overhead projector? Maybe your church library has one?