Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Richard is totally disgusted that I used the word "blogoversary" in my previous post, so I guess we'll just call it an anniversary.

One year ago today I created this blog and did my first post. I thought it would be an occasional thing mostly just used to get pictures to my Mom. Man was I wrong. Blogging has become my therapy, my journal, my friend, my outlet. I think most of you reading this will understand that so I won't go into my feelings too much.

Here's what the kids looked like one year ago:

And here's what they look like today:

Isaiah is now the age Asher was when I first started blogging. Naomi is so much more mature and independent. Asher is more independent and communicative, but still a load of trouble. Richard is at the same job, thank goodness, but has taken up some new interests like JQuery UI. I am also still at the same job (motherhood) but I have taken up some new interests like blogging (obviously), jewelry making, and Etsy-ing.

A year ago I was still in baby-la-la-land. You know, that place where you are for the first 6 months or so of your child's life. Now our entire family can interact and play and work together. In another couple of months Isaiah will be walking and we can really start exploring. I expect this next year will bring major changes: Naomi will start Preschool, Asher will start talking more and more and learning shapes, colors, numbers, letters, etc, Isaiah will walk, talk, feed himself. And who knows? Maybe by next year there will be another family member on the way. So here's to another year! Another year of sharing, ranting, laughing, crying, story telling, and advice seeking. And maybe some stuff about the kids and Richard, too.

On to the celebration! To celebrate this milestone, I'm offering a custom-made piece of jewelry. Just leave me any comment. I'll do a drawing Thursday evening. Whoever wins will be able to dictate to me what they want - size, color, earrings vs bracelet vs necklace, whatever. Family, friend, or random person who stumbled upon this post, you can all enter. Cheers!


graffiti said...

I'm so glad I get to read your blog. It is a daily reminder of how much I love my friend Nancy. happy one year!

Clyde said...

Feliz Aniversario!

Love the pictures! Both photos were taken a year apart, but sure enough both of them are showing happy, content kiddos. This is what I called a good blog of a GREAT Mom!

Cocoa said...

It always amazes me how much kids grow and change in just one year.

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Jolie said...

This blogging thing is addictive and fun! Cool that you made it to one year! Hey, are we going to see you camping over Father's Day? Love your jewelry. The best part is that you love doing it!

ladyshanae said...

I'm glad to have a way to catch up with you and your family. We don't see each other nearly enough for how close we live, but it's nice to feel that connection.

And wow - your babies are growing up!!!! Give them all hugs from me! Hopefully if things ever settle down (IE - if we DON'T move this summer) we can get together more often since I won't be working a billion jobs.


angela michelle said...

Your blog has been so fun for me. I still love your great attitude and the way you enjoy your kids. I never really wanted to have a blog until I read yours. Happy anniversary!

Rebecca said...

How fun! It's amazing how much kids grow in just one year... My husband was also disgusted when I used the word "blogoversary". I like the word.