Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kid's Day

Yesterday was the day that Worth's across the country celebrate as Kid's Day (think Mother's Day or Father's Day). It is actually the birthday of Gary Worth, Richard's brother, who passed away five years ago. Gary was definitely a kid at heart, and that is why we honor him by celebrating the kids on his birthday. So, in the spirit of Kid's Day - we do whatever the kids want, say "no" as little as possible, and generally make the day all about them. And we try to be kids at heart, too.

Here we see the kids starting off their day with a little TV time.
At snack time they got to pick whatever they wanted. And when they asked for something else too or more or whatever I said "yes". They picked up on this quickly and soon had quite a feast.
Then we hit Target where the kids got to pick something out for themselves. Asher got a fire truck, Naomi got a Tiara and jewelry set and Isaiah got a car.
Then we went to Panera for lunch. If you know me, you may think this was actually my choice, But I assure you that it was Naomi's. I've brainwashed her that well. Also note that Naomi did wear her new tiara, necklace and ring into Panera. We caused quite the stir (although I'm not sure if that was the tiara or the fact that Panera is always filled with beautiful, hip people who think my three kids are a phenomenon worth gawking over).
Asher spent most of his lunch under a neighboring table. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. I don't usually stand for this kind of behavior, but it was Kid's Day. What could I do?
Then home for naptime and more playing with the new toys.
Princess Naomi again.
After a kid-requested dinner of Macaroni and Cheese, and Dad coming home from work a little early, we headed to the mall to ride the carousel. This was one of Gary's favorite things to do so we always make sure to do it on Kid's Day.
Then it was on to the playplace at the mall. Always a hit with the kids.
Our final stop for the day was the big one. The pet store. We fish-sat for some friends last weekend and the kids fell in love (darn it!). They didn't ask for one, but Naomi kept going on and on about how much she missed the fish.
So here is our first family pet. A Betta fish named Sky (we thought he was a lot more blue when we were in the store).
And as a final tribute to kids everywhere - here is a shot of our adorable children. They had a great day. And it was pretty fun for us "kid's at heart" too.

If you would like to learn more about Gary's life you can check out his website at


angela michelle said...

What a great tradition--to honor Gary and just for the kids! Everyone should have a no "no" day once in a while. Also, you look gorgeous.

Cocoa said...

Very special way to include the whole family and remember someone special.

Katz said...

That's a great way to celebrate his life. Looks like the kids loved it.

James said...

Hello well the kids look cute. Hope they enjoy the Betta they are really pretty fish and easy to take care of.

Rebecca said...

what beautiful kids you have! A happy family.

graffiti said...

Nancy, you look stunning! and I love Naomi's new hair cut. I'm glad that you can celebrate Gary's life in such a fun and positive way! Horray for kid's day!

Farmer Joe said...

Cool beans and dem kids look good n happy - nice!