Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The ball lover

Isaiah is really at the age where personality starts to shine through. Earlier in his life I thought he was going to take after Asher in that his one true love would be cars. But now I think that maybe his first true love will be balls. He chases after them, holds them, smashes his face into them, throws them, bangs them on things, and eats them. You know, all the things that a baby does to show love. He is actually better at throwing balls than Asher is because Asher has never taken the time to learn the proper release technique. He'd rather vroom a car.

Here is a video of Isaiah playing with a ball this morning. Also notable in this video: how he scrunches his face up when he smiles or laughs, how talented he is at crawling with things in his hands, and "mom" at the end. He often follows me around the house chanting "ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma".


angela michelle said...

Adorable! His face has changed a lot and become a very cute big boy face. I can't wait to play with him!
Hey, can you bring your slurp book for me to look at (if you have it). I can't wait for you to get here.

Rebecca said...

So cute! I didn't realize he was only a little older than my son. For some reason I thought he was soooo much older. I can't wait for Paul to say "ma ma". He's getting good at Da da, which is just not fair.