Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A neck

I finally got a neck! A neck to display my Chic Made jewelry on, that is. Ever since I started making jewelry I've wanted a neck form. It seems like the earrings and bracelets can be photographed good enough without any fancy things, but the necklaces are different. It just seemed hard to really capture their beauty when they were laying flat. So I finally broke down and bought a neck form. I love it!

Totally professional looking, right? And, just as a side note, this necklace is available for sale on Chic Made for $10.
The Bloggy Giveaways Carnival is coming up next week and I plan to host a giveaway, so I'm working hard to get some new inventory ready. Keep your eyes on Chic Made for new things to come!


Jessica said...

That picture is gorgeous! The lighting makes it totally professional. What background did you use? Cute necklace too

Margaret AKA Mom, AKA Grandma said...

I agree. The necklaces look oh, so much better on "the neck". I am impressed with all the things available at Chic made. Way to go you entrepreneur, you.

angela michelle said...

It does make your creations looks professional. You're getting better and better all the time!