Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life in Texas

I guess I'd better keep blogging little by little while I'm here or I'll get way too behind to ever catch up. But I don't want to spend too long sitting at the computer because there is much fun to be had! So I'll give you the highlights.

I mentioned before that we had a "Girl's Night Out". All my female relatives are here so we thought this was really a must. We decided to go to Bennigan's (because who doesn't love a Monte Cristo?) then to a craft store to stock up, then back home to make jewelry. Dinner was great, and shopping for beads with so many girls was very fun. Everyone has such unique style that it was really fun to see what people picked out and what they paired it with. Then, at the last minute, it was decided that we had to stop at the grocery store for Margarita supplies (I don't think I've flat out said that these are Virgin Margarita's I'm talking about here - just OJ and Limeade) just like my jewelry making party. So we all made beautiful things until we were so tired we couldn't see straight. Which took about an hour - we were tired. It was a great night of girl bonding.

On Sunday we took up two entire pews at church. The Primary had to be warned in advance that all our kids were coming. We added three to the Nursery and three to the 4-year old's class and then several other's dispersed throughout. My mother was in charge of the lesson in Relief Society this week so she divided up the lesson between all us girls and we each taught one piece. That way Mom didn't have to stress about the lesson while we were here. I think it turned out really well. After that it was a huge dinner/lunch of Roast Beef and all the fixings. And then much Sunday relaxing. Ahhhh.

Yesterday turned out to be a little bit of a bummer, but good at the same time. We had big plans for spending the day out at my brother's farm and were all ready to go when we realized the keys to the big Suburban were in my mother's purse. And she was at work an hour away already. So half of us had to stay home. So I stayed home with my three kids plus little Haley who is the same age as my Naomi. We played in a kiddie pool in the yard instead of the big pool at the farm and the closest we got to animals was Dad's hive of bees in the yard, but it really was OK. It was nice to have some relative calm.

We really don't have any big plans until Friday when we're going to the rodeo, but that's OK. With 12 kids, mobilizing isn't easy. We're splitting them up and doing "small group" activities as much as possible.

I'll try to get some pictures eventually, until then you'll have to just go on my descriptions. Have a good week!

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Rebecca said...

12 kids in primary! How fun. Primary president's nightmare (but so nice of you to warn!)