Saturday, July 12, 2008

It never strikes twice

We're in Texas! And we were swooped up into a whirlwind of people and activities the second we arrived. It's great! There are 12 children in this house. The oldest just turned 13.

But before we get too far into that let's take a minute a reminisce about the trip here. It was all grand right up until our layover in Atlanta. We only had a 45 minute layover planned and we had to go from terminal A to E so that was really just enough time. We herded the kids that direction as quickly as possible, boarded the plane the second we arrived at the right gate, sat down and got re-situated in our carefully orchestrated order of kid, adult, kid, aisle, kid, adult, kid, noticed it had started raining outside and were notified that we would be waiting until the lightning storm passed before we could take off. So we settled in for a little wait on the tarmac. Fine. And then there was an earth-shatteringly loud boom and a jolt. Our plane was hit by lightning. We suspected this right away, but patiently waited for "they" to tell us what to do. About 10 minutes later they confirmed that the plane had been hit and told us to sit tight while they figured out if this plane was operational. Of course, it wasn't. So they herded us out of the plane. Then they told us we had 30 minutes to get from terminal E to terminal B. So we booked it back across the airport and got there just in time to... wait more. Our plane wasn't ready. Anyway, we waited about 30 minutes more before we were allowed to board the plane then we waited another 10 minutes while they fixed some paperwork problem and then we were finally airborn. The only perk was that this new plane had TV's in the head rests of each seat and TV or movies to choose from. And they weren't charging for it's use since they had just jerked us around like a pack of marionettes. So the kids vegged out in front of TV's and we arrived in Texas (that part is all a blur of HGTV on my TV and Nickelodean on Asher's TV mixed with loud comments from my cousin Christopher and I'm trying to block it out). The point is now we're here and having fun. Sigh.

More details later. I'm exhausted just re-living that day through words. I'm gonna go sit down, watch a movie with my sisters and eat Oreo's. But remind me to tell you all about our fun girl's night out and jewelry making party.

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Rebecca said...

Wow, what are the chances!