Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Test Driving

Or should it be "test exercising"? Today I went to two gym's and talked to people at two others. My sister, Angela, and I went to a Gold's Gym in Texas while we were both visiting my parents and I kinda really like it a lot. So I started investigating here. What I really loved about the Gold's Gym in Texas was the "cardio theatre" which is a big, dark, cool room with a movie screen and a bunch of cardio machines. Movies just play non-stop. I loved it in there. I hardly even noticed that I was working up a sweat. But Gold's Gym is more expensive here, and, come to find out, they don't have a cardio theatre! Bummer! Plus, the one in Texas was all big and airy and nice and the one here is kinda dingy and squished and manly feeling. So I also checked out LA Fitness today. I really like the Kids Klub there. They have a thingy that you climb around in and slides and stuff and coloring and lots of space. The highlight is that the funnest thing in the room is not the TV. I hate it when I take my kids to the gym and all they do is watch TV. Then I feel like I have to choose between my own fitness and the kids'. LA Fitness also has Racquetball courts and a pool. I also spoke with 2 other gyms that just didn't feel like a good fit for one reason or another. So, in the end, LA Fitness wins. And they cut a lot off their price for me. In the end, Richard and I and the three kids can all enjoy the gym for just under $100 per month. My sister pays $15 per month. Sheesh. The cost of living here is killing me. But I'm excited to start working out again.

If you're going to join a gym anytime soon I highly recommend shopping around. I had Gold's Gym talked down to nearly half what they originally quoted me before I told them I chose the other one. And LA Fitness dropped their price too when I looked worried about the price. They'll do whatever they've got to to get you.

Richard and I have a little wager going about who can loose the most weight before the Worth reunion in mid-August. We've lost about the same amount of weight so far and I'm counting on this gym to help me pull ahead! Here's to hoping.


Nancy Clark said...

Totally worth paying for good kid care and a pool! Good luck!

chelsea said...

i miss a gym memebership, that will be so fun for you guys. how bout this... for every pound you lose, i'll gain one!!! well hopefully you'll lose more than i gain, i really don't need 20 more pounds!

angela michelle said...

Chelsea, you're hilarious. Nancy, you're going to feel so great and fit!

Jessica said...

I miss a gym too. It makes a world of difference when the kids like to go, when the kids area is fun. And raquetball? super cool!! I want that! Have fun,and good luck with the challenge.