Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Texas pics

Here are a smattering of the long awaited Texas pics.

This is Naomi and her soul-mate/cousin Haley. They play together perfectly and love each other so much.
Here is Asher and his cousin Jesse who were born days apart. I'm sure that someday they'll be soul-mates like Naomi and Haley. But for now they just steal each other's toys and generally antagonize each other as much a possible.

Here are our Cowgirls on their way to the rodeo. Naomi, Winter, Haley and Ginger.

And here are our Cowboys: Roscoe, Christopher, Logan, Sterling, Levi. (Asher, Isaiah and Jesse stayed home with a sitter)

Here's a solo of my little Cowgirl. She loved the rodeo. But she mostly enjoyed a chance to dress up.

Here is my cousin, Christopher, at the rodeo. He lives near us here in Virginia and joined us for this trip. Since he is a generation apart from his real cousins he doesn't get many chances like this to hang out with loads of kids.

Here is some random fun in the backyard. You see Naomi, Sterling, and Levi's back.

Here is my mother holding baby Roko. My sister-in-law Kelly and Roko joined us for one weekend and we were so glad to see them!
When we first arrived in Texas I tried really hard to keep Isaiah away from the stairs since he didn't know how to go down them yet. But keeping something blocking the stairs or keeping your eye on a crawly baby constantly is a little hard when there are 11 other kids in the house. So I finally gave in and let him learn how to crawl down them. He only took a few tumbles and only has one huge bruise to show for it.
This is me and my nephew Jesse. I just think he's too cute. We joke that Jesse and Asher played a trick on us in heaven by switching hair. Jesse stole Asher's red hair!
And here is some random moments of cousin cuteness. Here are Haley, Jesse, Asher and Naomi.
Posers. Haley, Jesse and Naomi.


Kelly said...

Looks like a fabulous time! I can't believe how old Naomi looks.

angela michelle said...

Those are all awesome pictures. I love the ones that just show the kids doing what they do. Now how can I get my book to slurp from YOUR blog too?

Rebecca said...

Cute pictures. Roko looks like a doll the way he's arching his neck....

Jolie said...

I love the rodeo outfits! Cute cowboys and cowgirls!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking Christopher along for the ride -- I'm sure he'll be talking about this trip when he's 65! Any chance you can email me the pics of Christopher? I bought him a disposable camera but he forgot to use it! Thanks, Nancy