Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The kids and I spent nearly two hours in the backyard yesterday afternoon. It had been a while since I let them play in the pool and on the swings. And while they played I got a start on digging the hole for the sandbox. We even ate dinner out there. As soon as we came in it was bedtime and the kids fell into bed since they'd worked so hard playing.

This morning when they woke up I was shocked. Asher and Isaiah both look like they've got the chicken pox practically! They each have at least a dozen huge, red bites on their bodies. Poor Asher has like 6 all in one lump on his forehead.

I need to do some research online to see if there is any "natural" way to relieve some of their pain. Both boys have been kinda crabby and I wonder if that is why. Maybe an oatmeal bath or something?


lotto results said...
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Jessica said...

bodies ala Ginger. Our kids are outside a lot, and get many, many, many bites. Somehow Ginger gets the most. Cortaid cream seems to work the best.

Laura said...

Poor babies!! One of my girls was covered with horrible bites like that a few days ago. I seriously thought she must have been attacked by a spider in her bed or something, they were so bad. I guess she just has a bad reaction to mosquitos, though? It took several days for them to go away! I hope your little ones feel better soon!