Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Jewelry Making Party

The jewelry making party, last night, was a total success. Only 4 people came (10 RSVPed yes) but the small group was still a blast. Much pretty jewelry was made, laughs were had, margarita's were drank (drunk? drinked?), etc. I spent most of my time helping other people, but I did have time to make a bracelet and earrings. But then one of the ladies bought that, too! So I am itching to make some more jewelry even though I technically spent three hours doing it last night. The Dining Room looked fabulous. It was all a total success. I just posted a video tour of the house before this post so go check that out. And here are a few pictures, too.

Below is the view from the living room into the dining room.
A close-up of my cool plates.
My jewelry display. It was neat to see all the jewelry I've made, displayed all together. One lady bought something I'd already made (the blue/green and gold bracelet kind of in the middle and slightly right)
The "margarita's" were a total hit. Fun drinks always add atmosphere, right?


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Kelly said...

It sounds so fun!! I'm sad I couldn't make it. . . :(

angela michelle said...

Nancy you are amazing! The dining room looks great. I love the different plates. So glad the party was a success. I can't wait to have our own version.

Kristin said...

That looks like a blast! My sister loves to make jewelry, and I have worked with her a little, but this puts me in the mood to make some!