Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't Worry

...I'm fine. My sister called me yesterday all concerned about me because I hadn't blogged all weekend. No, I'm not dead, just busy. Saturday was our ward's Craft Day and I was in charge of two of the crafts. I was pretty busy rounding up the supplies for those and then pretty busy on Saturday with 4 hours of crafting then Birthday Party prep (more about the birthday party in my next post) plus all the usual Saturday getting-ready-for-Sunday stuff.

Sunday was a very special day for Isaiah and I. It was his first day in Nursery! He marched right into the nursery and didn't take a single glance over his shoulder. I stood there watching him for a minute and then thought "What am I doing here still?" and bolted out of there. He was totally fine the entire two hours! It was the first time in two and a half years that I didn't have a baby with me during Sunday School and Relief Society. Sunday School seemed very long! In Relief Society I kept glancing around at the other babies and I felt very restless. I missed my baby! But I couldn't be happier that I was missing him. He is apparently over his seperation anxiety phase because yesterday I took him to the gym and he was totally fine there too. He is in this funny little phase where he still seems totally "baby" some of the time and totally "toddler" some of the time. Words are even on the tip of his tongue.

...Stay tuned for Naomi's Birthday post...

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SewsCute said...

None of my kids ever had a problem going to nursery.....I always felt so bad for those mom's whose babies cry and cry. But I am glad that he went so well for you! It's nice....but it also makes me feel like "hey, why don't they miss me?" LOL!!