Sunday, November 30, 2008


I bought an advertising spot on Etsy today in one of their Showcases. Go check me out! (If you aren't looking at this on Sunday, then I won't be there. It only lasts one day.)

The kids and I are staying home from church today. Nobody is really, really sick, but all of the kids are just sick enough that they probably shouldn't go. (Especially the boys with their snottyness in nursery) If it was just one of them we'd probably go anyway, but since it's all three we'll stay home.

Last night we had some out-of-town family visit. We had a good chat with Aunt Ellen, Uncle Frank and their son Carl. My Aunt Nancy, Uncle Chris and their two sons, Christopher and Mark also came over. We had a lovely, low-key dinner and then just sat and chatted until it was time for them to go. I love that I love my family.

We bought our Christmas tree yesterday! We don't usually get ours this early but we are actually leaving in three weeks so we figured if we were going to get one, now was the time! We got it put up in the stand but haven't done any decorating yet. Maybe today.


Elieson Family said...

Hey, I'm home sick too! Woo-Hoo! Our Christmas tree outing will be next week. We will so miss you over Christmas break!

Jolie said...

We got ours yesterday is sitting without decor too, but I LOVE the smell it brings!