Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had a grand Thanksgiving. I only had to do pies and mashed potatoes, so the cooking was not stressful. Richard did the Turkey (including waking up at 3 am to put it in the brine). We only had 8 adults and 3 kids, so the people weren't overwhelming. People didn't really show up at our house until about an hour before we had planned on eating, so it really was a very peaceful and slow-paced day. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed it. And of course, the food was fabulous! We were most thankful for having Karen and her fiancee Jared with us for the day. Karen and Jared seem to be perfect matches for each other.

Below, Isaiah spies on Daddy and Uncle Kevin as they get some juice out of the turkey for making the gravy.

We attempted to take some family photos that might be good enough for Christmas cards. I don't think we got any good enough for that, but I'm glad we got some family photos anyway.

After the kids went to sleep we played a little Guitar Hero and then watched a movie. Oh, and ate more pie, of course!

Yesterday evening we went to a little "reception" here for Karen and Jared. It was a nice sit-down dinner with many friends and family. We met Jared's parents and two of his sisters. It was a great night. Richard and I even got to throw in a little dancing. We practiced our two-step for Ruthie's wedding - but we may need a little help from someone who has done it more recently than me!


Jolie said...

beautiful turkey presentation with all the trimmings! Looks like everybody had a great time.

angela michelle said...

Your table is beautiful! I've always wished I could put together a dinner like that. And you as always look fabulous. What was the other thing I wanted to say?

angela michelle said...

oh yeah--we need to practice our dance moves too. i'm even scheming to get a two-step video or something.

Anonymous said...

Brant and I did a little two step lesson for the family at Thanksgiving. We pushed all the furniture back in mom & dad's living room and the wood floor was perfect. Joe even got out there and successfully flipped Jessica over for the first time EVER! We can definitely do a repeat at Christmas time.