Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Naomi Turns 5

This weekend we celebrated Naomi's 5th birthday. I can't believe it! We had some definite fun. We had a family party on Sunday night with Grandma and Grandpa Worth and Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelly. Pizza for dinner, at Naomi's request. We had a beautiful castle-shaped cake made by Mom (which we have no pictures of because the camera batteries died) and decorations by Asher (with a LOT of help from Mom). Naomi lapped up the attention like a kitten laps up milk on the floor. She got Sleeping Beauty and a Barbie of Sleeping Beauty, another Barbie, a book, two My Little Pony's and My Little Pony beach scene type thingy (hand-me-down from a friend). She loved everything but we got the biggest reaction from the Sleeping Beauty DVD. Ahhh, the power of commercials.
We celebrated again on Monday because Naomi was dying to take cupcakes to school with her. And we forgot about blowing out candles on Sunday, so we did that Monday with the cupcakes after Mac N Cheese (at Naomi's request). Naomi insisted we call her "Birthday Girl" all day. Asher spent the entire day wishing everyone he saw a "Happy Birthday!" Isaiah just applauded us each time we sang.

Here's a little video of Naomi talking about her cool Sleeping Beauty doll and taking cupcakes to school on Monday.

And here's a small snippet of Asher's rendition of "Happy Birthday" - complete with typical boy behavior.


angela michelle said...

cute! So Haley has both shirts I see Naomi wearing in these clips. Man, Nanc, it's like we're related or something! Naomi is such a little lady!

ladyshanae said...

I can't believe she is FIVE! Time goes by so quickly. I remember when she was just a little peanut and I got to come visit and squish her! Time sure flies....

And Asher is looking so grown up with all that hair!

Give those kids loves from me. Miss you lots and love you!

Clyde said...

Happy birthday, sweet Naomi!

My Rachel just turned 5 too. It's amazing to see our girls to develop/transform in such a graceful little ladies over the years... They surely are on the right track: dolls, tea party and a lot of dress-up. Shopping for accesories with Mommy is next. :)

I love having a girliesh girl, don't you?

Jessica said...

Happy birthday Naomi. So weird that she will be going to kindergarten next year! But I guess you do have 3 kids, so it's about time at least one of them was in school (at least that's how I felt)

Jolie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Naomi dear!!! Looks like you had a good one!