Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From tiger to kitten

Asher has gone from a growling tiger to a meowing kitten in the last few months. His behavior has taken a turn onto "Much Better" street. His little angel on his shoulder kicked the devil on his shoulder's butt. The sweet side has won over the naughty side. He made it onto Santa's Nice List. However you want to say it, he's a much happier, sweeter and obedient boy. Now, I'm not saying we don't still have our moments - and plenty of them. I'm just saying he is doing much better. It seems my theory that Asher just needed a little more "Mommy time" was right. I am so happy to have found the answer and been able to deliver it (although I admit to still wondering if I could have done something earlier to nip this in the bud instead of needing full-scale re-landscaping). I think Asher will always be strong-willed and will never have the same desire to "do good all the time" like Naomi (but who will?). But he is such a sweet child. He has love visible in his eyes so much of the time. The other day I overheard a discussion between Naomi and Asher that went like this:

Naomi: Asher, guess what? I love you.
Asher: Thank you, Naomi. I love you too.

and then they hugged. Could they be any sweeter? I am such a lucky Mom.

(click through to see the attached video)


angela michelle said...

Yay! So what did you do that made the difference? Plus I'm sure a little maturity (from him!) helps.

I was thinking a few weeks ago that Jesse had taken a turn, and how grateful I was that he had mellowed out--then his naughty side came back with a vengeance. So maybe good things are around the corner for him?

Nancy Sabina said...

Just spending that hour or two with him three days a week when Naomi is at school and Isaiah is napping is all I've done. But I really believe that's what made the difference. He just needed some one-on-one lovin'.