Sunday, November 9, 2008

Success with yeast

Yeast and I have never really gotten along. I like to eat it (ya know, when combined with other things). It likes to frustrate me. Anything I attempt that involves yeast is a colossal failure. The few things I have managed were nursed along by multiple calls to my Mommy or big sis.

Until today.

Today I triumphed. I baked bread that was totally edible and even, dare I say, yummy! The recipe for my Honey Whole Wheat Bread came from Chocolate on My Cranium. (Funny enough, I realized that she posted her recipe almost exactly a year ago. That's how long this recipe has been in my notebook under the "I want to make this someday" category.) don't need a blow by blow of baking bread. I just needed to post this success. Maybe my relationship with yeast has been taken to a new level. Or maybe it was just dumb luck. Only time will tell.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Hurray! The loaves look beautiful. So glad it turned out. Hopefully it will be that way all the time!

angela michelle said...

that does look like beautiful bread! it's about time you made friends with yeast!

Mark A said...

Beautiful loaves (and children)

Paice Family said...

Yummy! It's funny, yeast and I have the same relationship. I can't get bread to turn out very well either. I'll have to look up the recipe you used. I've actually been meaning to make bread since I saw an article about it in the paper. Hmmm... maybe this week. :)