Thursday, November 13, 2008


It seems a graffiti artist was let loose in my house. The evidence is all over the place.

Exhibit 1: The toilet seat in a certain daughter's bathroom
Exhibit 2: A table top in a certain daughter's room

Exhibit 3: The windows of the castle mural in said certain daughter's room (are you sensing a theme?)

Exhibit 4: Blue faced Princesses. For all you non-Princess people, no, none of these princesses are meant to be blue. Even Pocahontas' dark skin isn't supposed to be that dark.

A certain daughter (OK, fine, I won't leave you in suspense, it's Naomi) and I had a very serious long chat about all of this. All pens have been confiscated, leaving her with only crayons. What's silly is that the Princesses tick me off the most. She loves them so much and loves to play with them, I just don't understand why she would ruin them like that. They are currently taking a bath in toxic chemicals in the hopes that the ink will at least fade.
Naomi really is a wonderful artist and she really seems to love it. I think she has potential to be a great artist some day (especially because she loves it). So I don't want to squelch that. But she really has no need to color on random things. I keep her well supplied with plenty of paper and coloring books. Since we're talking about what a fab artist she is, I have to include one of her latest works of art:


angela michelle said...

sounds like a little experimentation gone awry. i bet she's learned her lesson. i actually love the little faces in the castle windows.

i remember writing the following with a permanent marker on that huge wooden desk we used to have:

No way Jose
No way ho-say

Yeah, I wrote a stupid phrase, then I wrote a pronunciation guide. ??? The early work of a professional editor? And I was like 11. Mom chewed me out and I remember feeling kind of confused, like, *I* don't know why I did that.

Paice Family said...

I love the picture she drew. Kid's artwork at this age is so adorable. Kayleigh has really been into this marker thing lately too. Thank heavens she hasn't started the graffiti thing yet, but I fear it's yet to come. :)