Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why Americans get stressed

Here's my theory of why we all get so stressed between Thanksgiving and Christmas:

A message popped up in an email from a store that said "29 Days left for Christmas delivery with standard shipping". And I thought "But it's not even Thanksgiving yet! How can I already be running out of time!"

I was reading a blog of a Canadian girl recently and she referred to the fact that their Thanksgiving equivalent is in October so for them November is a restful month where they recoup a little and get ready to get ready for Christmas. Then they're ready for December craziness.

I think our stress, as a nation, comes from jamming two holiday's together and not allowing ourselves to think about one until the first is over. Christmas is coming, even though Thanksgiving isn't here yet. I know December is going to be full of parties and events and I'll want to bake and do crafts and decorate. So why do I insist on waiting until then to start the real bulk of my shopping too? Deals are better now, stores are better stocked now.

I think we should all just get over the whole "it's not Christmas yet" thing and start dealing with it! (And by "we" I mostly mean "I" because if you all wait longer then I'll have an easier time now in the stores) So today's task is to start my "Christmas Gift Organizing" plan. Last year I ended up with way too many little, "just a few bucks" gifts for the kids because I couldn't remember what I had gotten (and so many "just a few bucks" can really add up!). So this year I have big plans for a notebook with a complete, master list. Not just the big gifts, but everything. Since none of my kids can read that's not a risky thing to do.

I also have plans to organize a Christmas Shopping Babysitting Exchange within my ward and friends. We'll pick two days and on the first day half of us will shop for a couple of hours and half will babysit all the kids at one house (so it'll be like a party for the half staying at home too!). Then on the second day we'll swap. Doesn't that sound like fun? ...Or will this end up like my Voting party and nobody will come even though they all think it's a "genius idea"?

***Oh. And this seems an excellent opportunity to remind you that Chic Made is a great place to shop for gifts for your loved ones!***


Jessica said...

I also think they get stressed because they make too big of a deal out of Christmas. All the decorating, planning, and shopping often goes overboard (in my humble opinion). I think we just need to take a step back and see Christmas for what it really is, a celebration of the Savior's birth, where we give service (and a few small gifts) to our loved ones. I hate how Christmas is so commercialized (sp?) here.

angela michelle said...

I've always said thx should be earlier--but I recently heard that some pres (fdr?) already moved it up to boost the economy by allowing for more shopping!

Have I never given you one of my Holiday Planners? I made up cute little sheets to write down menus/recipes that worked, reminders on fun places to go, and a gift worksheet. I keep it all in a binder so I know where to get that recipe I like, and the directiosn to the neighborhood with Christmas lights. I keep the kids' Christmas wish lists in there from past years and it's fun to see those. I'll send you the docs if you wnat to print them out.