Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've been super busy the last few days so I have several "to blog" ideas in my head. So I'll just throw it all out here for ya.
I've spent all my free and nap times making about 90 of these:

They are baby shower invitations. They turned out really well but they gave me some trouble. I kept running out of random supplies that I thought I had plenty of. And then I had to send poor Richard out today in a snow storm to mail them. I'm not complaining - I'm just sayin', that's what I've been spending my time on. Happily. I'm sure you'll hear more about this baby shower in the next few weeks. I'm very excited about it.
I've also been busy with the Bloggy Giveaway's Carnival. If you get some time, go enter some contests. And be sure to enter my giveaway at the Chic Made Blog.
The other day we set up a great, comfy, bed of blankets and pillows and such on the family room floor. Here's what the kids started out doing in it:
But it quickly escalated to this:
And much fun craziness ensued.
The other week we had a great Enrichment Meeting lesson about how the "decorating" in our home can bring the spirit. The woman who gave it talked about how if you are surronded by things you love, it is sometimes easier to feel the spirit. I think most of the decorating in my home is things that I love - that's why I bought them. But I've always struggled with what to do on the mantel in the family room. Christmas solved that problem for me! The fabulous little arrangement below just sort of fell together. I bought the little blue bird at one of my favorite crafty stores in Plano while I ws there and just love it. I wish I'd bought a dozen to put all over the house. The scent inffuser thing came in my stocking and smells just lovely. And the family picture has been there for a while (as you can see from the outdated photo) but never really looked right until now. So, there you go, a little something that makes me happy.

Have a good day! We're playing in the snow!


angela michelle said...

Fun stuff. You gotta tell me the next time a carnival is coming up--maybe I'll do it. I agree that decorating can influence the overall feel of the home--starting with Mom's outlook.

Elieson Family said...

I know I'll like the shower!
My kids today wanted to have a slumber party in the living room, and I was first against it, then caved, and sure enough the "sleeping" part of the event was very soon forgotten - in fact, they set up camp and took off. Sure that sounds familiar :)