Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's been a while since we had some random cuteness on the blog - just for the sake of random cuteness. Plus, I find that when I go around trying to catch a cute shot of each of my children I remember all the reasons why I love them so much. ...Which is a good thing for a mother in the mid-week rut.

Naomi is a total poser. Always has been. But at least she knows what works for her!
I love this shot of Asher because of his limbs. His feet look very baby-ish and remind me of the cute things baby's do in their sleep or when they're first discovering their toes. But then his hands look huge! Whose big-boy hand is that?

And finally, here is Isaiah, looking very retro in his brown turtleneck and fluffy hair. The shot is even kinda colorless and faded looking - like maybe it really was taken in the 70's.

Yep. I've confirmed it. They're cute. ... Still.

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