Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Language skills

I've had a very clever post planned in my head all about how Isaiah's forms of communication at this point in his life remind me of Star Wars. C3PO squeaks and Chewy roars. But instead, you get this cute video of Isaiah and his Dad. Isaiah and his father had just been having quite a conversation for the last few minutes, but of course I only caught the tail end of it and it's not so great.

Basically, Isaiah totally understands I'd say 80% of what we say. And he can make his wishes known very clearly. But he has yet to use any words that you'd find in the dictionary except for a long string of "Mamamamamamamamamama" for me (would you find that in dictionary?). He nods his head and says "uh huh" for the affirmative. He shakes his head and says "uh uh" for the negative. He says "huh?" as in "what did you say?" He points and grunts to whatever he wants. He brings me things that he wants something done with (blocks he wants put together, a cup he wants refilled, a blanket he wants on top of him, etc.). I was a little worried for a while there that maybe he was in some way delayed, but What To Expect says that as long as it's clear he's understanding us, he'll probably start speaking eventually. I just hope it's before he's a Senior in High School.

So without further ado, a short video for your entertainment (it's quite a comedy of errors, really):


angela michelle said...

adorable. i can totally relate to kids holding out on speaking.

Anonymous said...

That was adorable. I especially like Naomi at the end. She's such a funny girl!